Create an Island

YOUR TASK: For this project you will design and draw an island. Your drawing must make geographic sense such as rivers that flow down hill and logical placement of physical features. Your poster will be divided into 3 sections.

Section #1 - Map

* Your map must be colorful
Section #2 The Five Themes of Geography
Section #3

1. Latitude and Longitude
     * Your island must be 50 miles away from any other known island and 50 miles from any continent.
      * Draw and label one latitude and one longitude line to identify the location of your island.
      * Your compass rose must be lined up with your longitude and latitude lines. Remember 1 degree = 69 miles

2. A Compass Rose (Make a creative decorative compass rose)
        * Show cardinal and intermediate directions, unique drawing.
         * The compass rose should point in the correct direction based on your latitude/longitude lines.

3. Scale - A scale of miles that matches drawing.                * Draw a bar scale with distance measurements and divisions.

4. Boundaries Lines - clearly mark or outline in color.villages, cities, towns etc.)

5. Legend/Key - Clearly label all landforms, oceans/seas, villages/towns etc.

6. Theme -
          *Name your island (Title on Map) landforms, and other items using a theme of your choice.

7. Landforms: Select 15 landforms from pages H10 and H11 in your World Geography book. A single Landform may be used more than once, but will counted as one.

Must include:
Must include:
Must include informaton on :

The Five Themes
1. Location:
   * Write the absolute and relative location of your island.
   * Describe where your island is located.

2. Place: Describe the features that make your island unique; what it is like.

3. Regions: Describe how parts of the island are similar and/or different.

4. Movement: Describe how the people, goods, and ideas move from one location to another on your island.

5. Human-Enviroment Interaction: Describe how the people on your island interact with the land.
* Include a colorful picture or drawing that demonstartes each of the five themes of geography that you have described.

    * To earn full credit on the written objectives you must write one paragraph
for each of the Five Themes of Geography.   Paragraphs should be typed or written neatly in dark ink
1.Type of Government

2. Population

3. Natural Vegetation --     Plant Life

4. Trade (economic activity)

5. Animals: native to the island

6. Rainfall

7. Language/s

8. Religion/s

9. Climate/s

10. Monument/s

* You may use colorful charts, bar graphs, or pictures etc. to demonstrate the each of the above in this section.