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Short Story Unit

Use the following websites to complete your in-class webquest on Pompeii.
The Dog of Pompeii
Louis Untermeyer

In AD 79, the only active volcano on the European mainland, Mt Vesuvius, erupted, killing around 2000 people and burying the city of Pompeii under a sea of ash and mud.

Mt Vesuvius erupted in 1639 killing 3000 people and destroying 5 towns. It erupted violently again in 1794 and 1906 with smaller eruptions more recently.

So it is not a question of IF Mt Vesuvius will erupt again, it is just a question of WHEN it will erupt and WHAT damage will it cause?

But people still choose to live near volcanoes despite the risk. Why? Would you live near a volcano?

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Jupiter - The chief Roman god, known as Zeus in Greece.

mosaics- Pictures or desiigns made by inlaying small bits of colored stone in a mortar.

vapors - fumes; such as the sulfer fumes created by a volcanic eruption.

togo - A one piece outer garment  worn by people of Pompeii.

camphor - A hard, white substance from a camphor tree used as strong moth repellent.

cameo-cutter- A person who makes cameos. Carvings on gem stones or shells that form a raised picture; usually the profile of a person's head.

Household Gods- Gods that protected the home, the crops, the animals, and people in the home.

Villa- A large estate
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Print out and make a volcano model
Volcano Interactive
Many resources to use!
Volcano Interactive
Virtual Tour of Pompeii
Fun Activities

TASK #1:

Create your own short story as if you are an 11 year child living in Pompeii the day before and the day of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D.

  * the setting
  * characters  names
  * what you wear, eat, drink, and your class

TASK #2:

Include a graphic organizer showing --
  * exposition
  * at least 3 rising actions
  * climax
  * min. of 2 falling actions
   * resolution
   * theme

TASK #3:

Create a mosaic of your dog in a scene from your story.

Size - 9 1/2" by 11"

.Complete activity worksheet Part 1
.Complete activity worksheet Part 2
.Complete activity worksheet Part 3
.Complete activity worksheet Part 4
.Complete activity worksheet Part 5
.Complete activity worksheet Part 6
.Complete activity worksheet Part 7